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Setting refers to the set of locations where the story takes place as well as the history, geography and the laws of nature of the world in which the story takes place.

A Ficton is an imaginary world that serves as the setting or backdrop for a story. A ficton can be identical to our world or different as the author can imagine.

A Fictional Universe is an imaginary world that serves as the setting or backdrop for science fiction and fantasy. Other terms related to Fictional Universe are Canon, Expanded Universe, Fanon, Multiverse and Linking Room.

A Back-story is the history of the characters and the world where the story takes place. The back-story provides extra depth to the story by anchoring it to external events, real or imagined.

Incluing is a literary technique that is used to make the uncovering of the back-story less straightforward and more intriguing. Instead of explaining directly the narrator (or the characters) constantly refers to various events, assuming that everyone knows what they are talking about.

Retcon is an acronym for retroactive continuity, describes alteration of the back-story that contradicts the previously accepted vision. It is used to fix continuity errors is particularly in episodic media.

A Fictional Crossover is a technique where otherwise separated fictional characters, stories, settings or universes meet and interact with each other.

Shared Universe is a technique in which several different authors share settings and characters which appear in their respective works of fiction, often referring to events taking place in the other writers' stories.

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